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Kamikaze Pilots downed Team Baz

Kamikaze Pilots took down Team Baz in spectacular fashion in last Tuesday night’s Squalleyball final at the youth centre. Both teams were vying for the coveted grand final spot but it was the Kamikaze Pilots who came out as the overall winners in Tuesday’s pre-played match. The first game was […]

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Teachers school Yabbies in the pool

It was the teachers who went to the top of the class in the Cobar Yabbies Senior Men’s Swimming Club competition last Tuesday night. All four of the events contested at the Cobar Memorial Swimming Pool were won by teachers and three of those wins were with spot on times. […]


Yabbies hold on to Setts’ trophy

The Nyngan Splashers may have been talking the talk last week, but it seems they couldn’t walk the walk (or technically, swim the swim) when they arrived in Cobar on Sunday morning. The Nyngan team last week vowed they had a team good enough to take the Setts Memorial Trophy […]


Pumpettes’ winning combination

The Pumpettes women’s netball team capped off a sensational year with their third netball grand final win on Monday night. The team’s winning combination has claimed two Indoor competition titles this year along with their 2018 Cobar Netball Association A Grade grand final win of the outdoor competition in September. […]