Welcome rain

The Cobar district has recorded another welcome drop of rain over the weekend, with potential for more this week.

A total of 12mm was officially recorded at the Cobar Meteorological Office from a storm overnight Saturday.

To the east of Cobar the Gepperts at Restdown measured 13mm which they report has “freshened up the crops”, while at Carline, north of Cobar, the Franciscos recorded 9mm.

Jenny Prince reported falls around 12mm in the south of the shire, while the western areas didn’t miss out, with Belinda Blake reporting 8.5mm at Merrylands (north west of town) and some other areas in the west reported up to 18mm.

The rain came after a run of mild days, all climbing above 19 degrees last week, before a cooler Sunday with a top of just 15 degrees.

This week temperatures should stay mild with the chance of rain over the weekend.

A top of 19 is predicted today while tomorrow should reach 20 after a low of seven.

A partly cloudy day with a top of 20 is forecast for Friday while Saturday should reach a top of 19 with a possible shower.

Sunday will be cooler, reaching 15 degrees with another chance of a shower, while Monday may also have rain with a chilly 15 degrees expected.