Old Res dries up as Cobar ends another month without rain

There wasn’t a drop of water in sight at the Old Res on Tuesday, which has now dried up after months without significant rainfall in Cobar.

The Old Res has now completely dried up as Cobar faces its equal driest July on record.

Just 0.2mm of rain has been recorded this month, the same figure as the previous record driest July in 2002.

This year to date just 23.6mm of rain has been recorded at the Cobar Meteorological Office, more than 200mm less than the average expected in the first six months of the year.

Last week started with above average temperatures reaching 21 last Tuesday, and 19 on Wednesday while Thursday was the warmest day of the week with a top of 22.2.

It was a dramatic change on Friday with a top of just 14.6 degrees, while Saturday was even cooler with a low of one before a top of 14.3.

Sunday had a top of 16.2 while Monday was 19.

There is some hope for rain this week although less than 5mm is predicted.

We’re in for warmer weekdays and a cool weekend with a top of 21 expected today and a sunny day.

Tomorrow should be mostly sunny with a top of 22 after a low of five.

Friday should drop to 10 before a top of 19 and a high chance of a shower or two.

There is also the slight chance of a shower on Saturday with a top of 16 forecast while Sunday will be cold with a possible shower and a top of 15 predicted.