St John’s recognises its leaders and achievers of 2017

St John’s School held their end of year presentations at the school last Friday. Pictured are perpetual award winners: Nicholas Anderson, Reynold Mugugia, Molly-Anne Barraclough, Jade Dinnerville, Hayden Nicholson, Luke Giurin and Sophie Clark.

St John’s School held their end of year celebrations at the school on Friday with class awards, sporting and perpetual awards given out.

In addition to class awards for bookwork, improvement, creativity, class spirit and the ‘Making Jesus Real’ award, one student from each year received the Consistent Academic Achievement Award.

In Kindergarten this year, the Consistent Academic Achievement award went to Zara Patterson. In Year 1, the award went to Phoebe Travis; Year 2—Lochlan Lake; Year 3—Natalie Lynch; Year 4—Lachlan Anderson; Year 5—Ashlie McLaughlin; Year 6—Nicholas Anderson.

Public Speaking awards were presented to the top three speakers in each class.

Rori Urquhart (Gold) and Noah Lynch (Platinum) received NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge awards.

Daniel Apaza collected the Polding Representative Athletics award.

School encouragement awards went to Lochlan Lake (Infants) and Jade Dinnerville (Primary).

Hayden Nicholson received the Catherine McAuley Award which recognises kindness, generosity and compassion; Zani Portwig received the Beverly Anderson Performing Arts Award; Luke Giurin collected the School Citizenship Award; Molly-Anne Barraclough earned the Paula Potter Memorial Award for outstanding leadership displayed by a Year 6 student; Nicholas collected the Jan Harrison Literacy Award; Sophie Clark won the Kelly Mahy Memorial Award for school spirit; and Reynold Mugugia received the Beth Townsend Memorial Trophy as the school’s All-Round Sports Person.