Bragging rights for The Opposition and Looking to Score

The Opposition netball team were winners of the Mixed Indoor Netball A Grade grand final last Tuesday night beating Hot Shots 40-27. Pictured are: (Back row) Jay Egan, Kym Sutton and Amie Hill; (middle row) Alex Hernando, Bianka Jacobson and Ella Moratti; (front row) Josh Brown, Zach Finn, Chris Gilbert and Tony Jacklin.

The Opposition and Looking to Score finished up with bragging rights after they won their respective A and B Grade netball grand finals last Tuesday night at the youth centre.

In A Grade, The Opposition ran away in the final quarter to easily account for Hot Shots
40-27 while in B Grade Looking to Score held on to narrowly win their game 30-26 over Mixed Grill.

A Grade’s Player of the Grand Final Chris Gilbert (The Opposition) dominated both ends of the court playing in defence and shooters positions.

Playing in Goal Keeper for the first quarter, Gilbert regularly shut down Hot Shots’ shooters and turned over the ball for his side.

Playing at Goal Attack (GA), Zach Finn was a tall target for The Opposition and he and Kym Sutton (GS) combined well in the circle to give their team a good start with 12-5 the difference at the end of the first quarter.

Gilbert switched ends second quarter to take over the GA role and displayed impressive basketball shooting skills to link with Sutton and give The Opposition a 21-16 lead at half time.

Jay Egan, playing at Centre, displayed plenty of well learnt netball skills, and controlled the centre court play for The Opposition.

Hot Shots’ shooters Nikki Gilbert and Madi Everson were in sensational form sinking goals from all around the circle and they helped to keep their side in the game.

The Looking to Score netball team (Jenna Fullagar, Tatum Brennan, Jayme Francisco, Summer Baker, Janette Booth, Tahnee Armstrong, Kade Bishop, Matt Armstrong and Graeme Francisco) after their B Grade grand final win on Tuesday.

Quinton Place and Ben McBride also served their Hot Shots’ side well in the mid court.

The Opposition, with a three reserve bench, kept changing up their defence throughout the match which kept the Hot Shots players on their toes. Their third quarter defenders, Josh Brown and Alex Hernandez, may have lacked height, but they more than made up for it with speed and athleticism on the court. The pair reined in numerous rebounds and intercepted passes which were quickly turned over and then converted into points by their shooters.

Siblings Amie Hill and Tony Jacklin teamed up to defend the circle in the final quarter and managed to do a good job (without any fights) and contributed to their side’s 40-27 win.

B Grade’s Player of the Grand Final, Matt Armstrong, played four solid quarters at Centre to help his team, Looking to Score, to a narrow 30-26 win over Mixed Grill.

Up six points going into the final quarter, Looking to Score fought hard to contain their Mixed Grill opposition who pushed until the very end.

Looking to Score’s husband and wife defence combination of Graeme and Jayme Francisco served them well while at the other end of the court shooters, Janette Booth and Kade Bishop also linked well to keep their team in front.

Travis Schintler, playing at Goal Attack for Mixed Grill, was impressive and his pace around the court was hard to contain.

Looking to Score held out to win the match 30-26.