Mermaid’s practice pays off in the pool

Bianka Jacobson has been doing a few extra laps of the pool of late and that seems to have paid off for her after she dominated the Mermaids women’s swimming club’s events on Monday night.

Jacobson grabbed first place in the 30 metres handicapped freestyle event after finishing within 0.28 seconds of her nominated time,

Jordan Cappi was second with 0.35 and Kathryn ? was just behind in third place on 0.53.

Jacobson also won the 100m swim finishing just 0.53 seconds outside her nominated time.

Cappi was second again, this time with 1.03 off her time and Grace Burge was back in third place after she finished two seconds outside her time.

New Mermaid Riley O’Leary had some beginners luck (or possibly the luck of the Irish) on her first night of competition to win the 50 metres event with a time of 0.79 seconds off her nominated time.

She spoiled Jacobson’s good run for the night, relegating her to second spot after she finished within 0.84 seconds of her time.

Burge claimed third place with 1.19 seconds off her time.