Mermaids feel the cold weather

Cool conditions on Sunday morning reduced the field to just five Mermaids for the women’s swimming club weekly meeting.

Spurred on by the chill in the air, Ellen Davidson turned in a fantastic time in the first event, the 30 metres handicapped freestyle swim.

Davidson finished just 0.04 seconds off her nominated time to claim a win over Bianka Jacobson on 0.25 and Alex Hernando on 0.72.

Davidson then backed up to win the 50m swim with a time of 0.47 seconds off her nominated time.

Jacobson once again was second (0.56) and Makaila Gordon was narrowly back in third place on 0.59.

Jacobson pipped Gordon for the win in the 100m event with Jacobson finishing a time of 1.41 seconds off her nominated time.

Gordon was just behind on 1.47.

Ella Moratti claimed third spot after she finished within 3.62 seconds of her time.

Jacobson added 16 points to her championship tally for the season while Davidson picked up 14 and Gordon added 11 points to her total.