Auto Club’s Motocross Tri Series is done and dusted.

The Cobar Auto Club’s Motocross Tri Series is done and dusted after the final round of the competition was held on Saturday in very windy and dusty conditions.

The conditions were however better for the riders on the track than for the spectators who copped the worst of the dust.

After the three rounds of competition, the Tri Series winners in each grade were:

All Powers—1st Greg Prisk, 2nd Thomas Geale (Dubbo) and 3rd James Staniforth (Condobolin); Senior Opens—Prisk, Dion Fitzsimmons and Geale; Senior Lites—Geale, Prisk and Matthew Staniforth (Condobolin); Veterans—Fitzsimmons, Trent Fullagar and Dean Norris; Senior Ladies—Jayde George and Caitlin Norris; Junior Ladies—Bella Fullagar and Emma Geale (Dubbo); Junior Lites—Conor Paivinen, Patrick Hourigan (Condobolin) and Jock Hulland (Hillston); 85cc 12-U16—Jock Hulland, Bella Fullagar and Thomas Bryan; 85cc 9-U12—Zach Snudden, Emily Seeliger (Dubbo) and Clay McDonald; 65cc 9-U12 years—Zach Snudden, Clay McDonald and Will Oborn; 65cc 7-U9 years—Hudson Miller (Geurie), Cohan Nicholson and George McDonald; 50cc High Powers—George McDonald, Charlie Fox-Ashwin (Tottenham) and Tommy George.

The results from racing in Round 3 on Saturday were:

50cc High Powers—1st George McDonald, 2nd Tommy George and 3rd Charlie Fox-Ashwin (Tottenham); 65cc 7-U9—Hudson Miller (Geurie), George McDonald and Cohan Nicholson; 65cc 9-U12—Zach Snudden, Clay McDonald and Will Oborn; 85cc 9-U12—Zach Snudden, Emily Seeliger (Dubbo) and Jaxson Hartas (Dubbo); 85cc 12-U16—Jayke Seeliger (Dubbo), Jock Hulland (Hillston) and Thomas Bryan; Jnr Lites—Jayke Seeliger (Dubbo), Jock Hulland (Hillston) and Conor Paivinen; Jnr Ladies—Emma Geale (Dubbo) and Bella Fullagar; Snr Ladies—Jayde George; Senior Lites—Matthew Staniforth (Condobolin), Thomas Geale (Dubbo) and James Staniforth;  (Condobolin); Senior Opens—Greg Prisk, Dion Fitzsimmons and Geale; All Powers—James Staniforth; Geale and Prisk; Veterans—Fitzsimmons, Ty Waters (Mudgee) and Trent Fullagar.