Welcome downpour fills the drains

A storm which dumped nearly an inch of rain on Cobar’s CBD in around an hour has helped provide some temporary relief from the ongoing drought.

While the Cobar Meteorological Office on Louth Road officially measured 13mm of rain from Thursday’s storm, there was 20mm recorded by the Cobar Airport automatic weather station.

The heaviest rain fell in the south eastern areas of town, with talk of measurements anywhere from 15mm up to 40mm in some areas.

The rain was accompanied by an impressive thunder and lightning storm, and saw temperatures drop sharply from the top of 36 down to around 22 degrees.

A cool change over the weekend saw Cobar record its coolest day in two months, with a top of 29.1 on Saturday.

Mild conditions are again expected today before heating up over the weekend with sunny conditions ahead.

A top of 27 is predicted today, while tomorrow should reach 31 degrees.

Friday is expected to reach a top of 36 after dropping to 19 overnight, while Saturday is forecast to be 37 degrees.

Sunday will be a hot and mostly sunny 38 degrees, and Monday will be a hot one, reaching a top of 41.