Cobar Rugby League Club struggles to get a full committee

The Cobar Senior Rugby League Club held their annual general meeting on Sunday at the Cobar Bowling & Golf Club with Chris Deighton (president), Zoë Harland (vice president), Jenna Fullagar (registrar) and Kasey Egan (media officer) all returned to the executive committee. The club however failed to fill the secretary’s and treasurer’s positions and will advertise the positions as vacant.

Four of the Cobar Senior Rugby League previous executive committee members, including club president, Chris Deighton, were returned to their roles at the club’s annual general meeting on Sunday.

Zoë Harland retained the vice president’s position, Jenna Fullagar again accepted the registrar’s role and Kasey Egan retains the media officer’s role.

Two important committee positions, and the ones that carry the highest workloads, were not filled with no nominations received at the meeting for secretary and treasurer.

Nine others who attended the meeting, were elected to the general committee.

The club will advertise the secretary and treasurer positions as vacant and hopes to fill them at their extraordinary meeting in a fortnight.

Club president Chris Deighton said he would love to hear from anyone interested in taking on these important roles.

Outgoing treasurer Brianna Manns reported the club made a small loss of $977.17 for the year which she described as “pretty good” given the number of “big expenses” the club had over the 2018 season.

She said with no rain this year, one of the club’s biggest outlays had been on water, with electricity and bus hire for travel to away games also major expenses this season.