Three one sided darts games

In the opening round of the new 2016 darts competition last Wednesday three one sided games were played as well as one close game.

RSL Outlaws got off to a great start in the new season with an 8-3 win over the Golfie Razorbacks.

Golfie Spearchuckers had it mostly all their way in their match with late entries Grand Poachers easily winning 9-2.

Golfie Gophers were too good for Western winning 7-4 while Empire Barflies and Grand Roosters were evenly matched before Empire got the upper hand to eventually win 6-5.

High scores were recorded by: Don Roberts 125; Shane Haddy 102; Jason Arnold 100; James Ware 121,121; Linda Fridd 115; Geoff Clayton 120; Rob Good 120,100; Stewart Simpson 134; Tequila Hooker 134; Tony Brown 100,100,125; Dick Tulloh 130; Steve Motton 100,100,100; Mitchell Adams 101; Matthew Klopper 100,100,100; Tadgh Waugh 100; Daniel Duell 125; Brendan Freeman 100; Craig Jones 100,100,123,140; Damien Pumpa 100; Wade Potter 100; and Ben Trudgett 156.

Shane Haddy recorded the highest peg out for the week for the men with a score of 102 while Kylie Tiffen’s peg out of 26 was the best for the women.