This mermaid is hard to catch

Tanya Gilbert is one Mermaid that is going to be hard to catch in the hunt for championship points in this season’s women’s swimming club competition.

Gilbert recorded two wins and a second place at last Sunday night’s competition swim which earned her another 17 points to add to her championships points tally for the season.

Gilbert won the 50m handicapped swim with a time of 0.09 seconds off her nominated time with Johanna Strahl second (0.41) and new swimmer Jenna Fullagar was third (0.69) on her debut swim of the season.

Gilbert narrowly won the 100m event with 0.82 seconds off her nominated time with Alex Hernando just behind on 0.85. Zoë Harland was back in third place on 1.38.

Nikki Davey just pipped Gilbert in the 30 metres swim to prevent her from claiming a clean sweep for the night.

Davey recorded 0.09 seconds off her nominated time while Gilbert’s time was 0.10.

Harland was third on 0.15.