Locals benefiting from Art Therapy

Staff and clients from community groups in Cobar and Bourke, FLOURISH, Live Better and Higher Up, came together last Thursday for an Art Therapy Day.
Jane Miller, Community Arts Coordinator for FLOURISH Australia said all art is therapeutic.
“Anything where we focus down into doing something creative, is actually putting our-selves into a process where we are focusing and forgetting about anything that may be troubling us,” Jane said.
“Art Therapy is opening us into a world of enjoyment and creating something that quite often we don’t expect that we can do.”
She said no artistic skill is required to benefit from Art Therapy, as it is the creative process and engaging in the activity, rather than the end product that benefits us.
“A lot of people view the end result with wonder but quite often it’s not about the end result too, it’s about the process of, it’s about actually going from A to B, not realising that an hour or two hours has passed, not realising that they’ve not had to worry about all of the things that they were worrying about when they first walked in the door.”