Helping our local youth

a print Cobar Mining Contractors Business man Tony Ellison donates $500 to Cobar Cadets Colleen Boucher and Cobar Girl Guides Cathy Manns, Shey and Max Ellison (3)

Cobar Mining Contractors business owner Tony Ellison (far right) with his wife Shey and son Max (far left) donated $500 each to the Australian Army Cadets Cobar Unit and Cobar Girl Guides. On hand to accept the donations last Thursday were Captain Colleen Boucher (Cadets) and Cathy Manns (Girl Guides). Mr Ellison said he believes it’s important to give back to youth groups in town. He said it’s his way of returning funds to the community. Mr Ellison said he aims to donate around $8,000 each year in the form of cash, goods and services to local community groups and clubs.