Cobar’s launch party was outback and outloud

Emma Hoy and Caroline Wallace returned
to Cobar on Friday to host a listening
party at the Cobar Bowling & Golf
Club as part of their Outback Outloud
The pair, who are directors of Signal Creative,
visited Cobar at the end of March along
with Walgett, Brewarrina and Bourke to collect
uniquely local stories for their podcast
Last week they held events in each town to
celebrate the launch of their collaborative
project with Outback Arts.
Through the Outback Outloud podcast project
they have collected over 100 interviews
with people living in the Outback Arts region.
These are completely unique perspectives,
are 100 per cent unscripted, and are the greatest
stories never told.
You can listen to the Outback Outloud podcast
series across a range of Podcast Applications
including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
The early response to the podcast has been
extremely heart-warming.
Hearing local stories in this format has
brought many listeners nearly to tears as they
beam with pride.
Outback Outloud aims to strengthen connections
between people, teach the value of
listening to each other and will promote a
greater understanding that everyone’s story
When Emma and Caroline first visited the
region in March they held free workshops
where community members could learn how
to interview, record and preserve stories.
This was a great do-it-yourself opportunity
where many attendees learnt new skills that
can continue to be passed on to others.
The second aspect of this earlier trip was
the community storybooth.
This was where the Outback Outloud podcast
was captured.
All were welcome to turn up, have a cuppa
and share their story.
This is series one of the Outback Outloud
The second series will capture Bogan, Warren
and Coonamble Shires, covering the entire
Outback Arts region.
Outback Arts provides the region with a
diverse range of creative workshops and professional
development opportunities, as well
as major projects catering to the specific
needs of their communities.