Cobar Yabbies get better with age

There are some things that get better with age and it seems that Cobar Yabbies are among those things. (We mean the members of the Cobar Senior Men’s Swimming Club Yabbies, not the ones you catch and eat which don’t keep very long in the fridge after you’ve caught them!)

It was the older members of the club who showed the younger ones how it’s done at last Tuesday night’s competition swim.

Doug Rorke led the way in the 30m handicapped Freestyle event finishing with a time of 0.06 seconds off his nominated time.

Second was Stephen Clark (0.09) and John Carswell was third on 0.16.

Scott Toomey won the 50m event with 0.22 seconds off his nominated time; Carswell was second (0.35) and Bill Fugar was third (0.62).

Fugar was way out in front of the young ones in the 100m swim finishing with a great time of 0.03 seconds off his nominated time.

Ben Plush was second on 0.13 and Toomey was third on 0.28.

Rorke teamed up with Darren Ferguson to win the Brace Relay novelty event (which required swimmers to carry a medicine ball across the pool). They estimated their time reasonably well finishing 0.19 seconds off their nominated time.

Fugar and Plush were second on 1.15, Toomey and Ferguson finished third (1.63). Last were Murray and Matt Harland on 4.25.

Last week’s Brace Relay win for Ferguson made it a hat trick for him.