Record summer heat

Cobar has officially broken three temperature records over summer while NSW experienced its warmest summer on record.

Nigel Smedley, technical officer from Wagga Wagga Weather Bureau of Meteorology said Cobar Airport weather station recorded a maximum temperature of 47.3 degrees on February 11. The previous record was set on January 12, 2013 with 46.7 degrees recorded that day.

The Cobar station recorded a sweltering 24 summer days over 40 degrees Celsius. The previous record had been set in 2003 with 21 days over 40 degrees.

The third record was a new maximum mean daily temperature for all of summer of 36.9 degrees. The previous record was set in 2005 with a mean maximum temperature of 36.6 degrees.

NSW itself experienced its warmest summer on record since records began in 1910 and Australia as a whole had its 12th hottest summer on record.

Rain for the whole summer was recorded at 61.8mm when the long term average is 110.5mm, February only recorded 3mm.

Cobar’s summer was an average of 3.1 degrees above its average maximum temperature and 1.6 degrees warmer than its average minimum temperature.

Last week Cobar had warm temperatures with 33.1 and 33.2 degrees on Monday and Tuesday respectively. Wednesday reached 34 and Thursday recorded the warmest temperature of the week with 36.2 degrees.

Friday got to a top of 35.1 degrees and Saturday reached 35.1 before 1.6mm of rain arrived and the temperature dropped 14 degrees in two hours. Sunday had the coolest morning of the week with 17.6 degrees recorded at 7.30am before reaching a high of 32.5 degrees. Monday had a low of 19.5 before climbing to 35.

The outlook is for much the same with warm sunny weather throughout the week with 31 today and tomorrow; 33 on Friday; 35 on Saturday; 33 and mostly sunny on Sunday; and 32 with a possible shower for Monday.