A new heat record

Cobar has officially broken the record for the hottest ever day in February according to the Bureau Of Meteorology.

The temperature soared on Saturday when the mercury hit 46.6 degrees around 3pm. The previous record was set in February 2004 when the temperature reached 46.1 degrees.

The highest ever temperature recorded for Cobar was 47.0 degrees in January 2001.

The week leading up to Saturday was not much cooler with the temperature over 40 degrees most days.

Monday was 42.3 degrees with a low of 24.4 and Tuesday reached 40.9 with a low of 27.7.

Wednesday was the ‘coolest’ day of the week with a high of 39.8 degrees and a low of 25.9.

On Thursday the temperature was back over 40 with a top of 40.4 degrees and low of 26.8 and Friday reached a scorching 43.1 degrees with a low of 25.6.

Nothing could cool the town down on Saturday though with a high of 46.6 degrees and low of only 29.7 but some relief came on Sunday afternoon when the temperature dropped from a high of 38.5 degrees down to 30 degrees by 6pm.

According to the Bureau Of Meteorology  the low of the day was 27.5 degrees.

The lowest temperature recorded for the week came on Monday morning with 14 degrees and the day was by far the coolest of the week with a top of only 29 degrees.

Today is expected to reach 37 degrees with a low of 18 before the mercury rises back up to 40 degrees for tomorrow with a possible late shower. Friday will stay hot with a high of 42 expected with sunny conditions.

The weekend is looking much more pleasant with Saturday expected to reach 33 degrees with partly cloudy conditions and a slight chance of rain.

Sunday will be mostly sunny with a top of
28 and a low of 15 and Monday will have similar conditions with a high of 29 degrees predicted.