$250,000 urgent repairs for Cobar Pool

A recent maintenance audit on the Cobar Memorial Swimming Pool has found the facility is urgently in need of $250,000 worth of repairs.

Cobar Shire Council’s general manager Peter Vlatko raised the issue at last Thursday’s Ordinary Council Meeting as a matter of urgency.

In his detailed report to councillors, Mr Vlatko advised the chlorine room at the Council-owned swimming pool facility was in need of an upgrade.

“It’s just totally inappropriate and a huge risk factor, especially with chlorine,” Mr Vlatko told councillors.

He recommended that it would make more sense to put in a new purpose-built chlorine room rather than renovating the old room.

Mr Vltako said he had received quotes of  $174,000-$200,000 for the unit itself and more money would need to be allocated from the budget for a cement pad and electrical work.

Councillors agreed to allocate the funding immediately so that the work can be carried out before the pool opens again in September