Whole production took just five days from go to woah

The Cancel Culture Opera cast with Cobar High music teacher Laura Andrew and Peter Aoun and Murray Dahm from Opera Express following their performance on Friday night at the school’s Multi Purpose Centre.

Just five days was all it took for a group of Cobar High School students to devise a plot, write a script, compose music and lyrics, and design the props and staging for their own opera.

These remarkable students then performed the opera they’d called ‘Cancel Culture’, for their parents, teachers, peers and the public on Friday night at the school’s Multi Purpose Centre.

In addition to taking on lead and chorus roles, the students also helped out behind the scenes with production and writing.

They were guided by creative director Murray Dahm and musical director Peter Aoun from Opera Express in what is a very unique experience which aims to help students find their creative voices.

Murray spoke with The Cobar Weekly last week during rehearsals and explained how the program worked…Full story in this week’s edition out now!!