Year 12 wave goodbye after a year like no other

The Cobar High School Year 12 Class of 2020 celebrated the end of school at their final Presentation Day last Wednesday. The
students will go down in history as one of the school’s most resilient classes having had to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic in their final year of study. Pictured are the 2020 class: Front row: Rachel Nuttall, Kaycee-Jae Cain, Madasan Taylor, Georgia Palazzi, Juliet Awuku, Cody Lehmann; Second row: Georgie Buckman, Catherine Madden, Lucy Bell, Eve Arnold, Holly Marsden, Erika
Muldoon (2IC Year Advisor); Third row: Hannah Carroll, Conor McMullen, Glen Waldron, Joey Whittaker-Goodwin, Oscar Punzet, Lena Dean (Year Advisor); Back row: Anna Fee and Brooklynn Mackay. ▪ Photo contributed