The Great Cycle Challenge has begun

Local Rachel Lowe has taken up the challenge to ride a pushbike for more than 300km during October.

Rachel will join more than 6,000 people from around Australia for the Children’s Medical Research Institute’s ‘Great Cycle Challenge’.

This national community of cyclists will be riding each day to achieve their personal cycling distance goals, while at the same time raising funds towards cancer research.

Rachel, who also took part in the challenge last year, said she initially decided to join the Great Cycle Challenge because she was keen to help out a good cause.

“If I can help just a few people in life live a little longer, whether it be a day, a month, a year or find a cure for them, I’m be more then happy to help,” Rachel said.

“If I get $2 it’s better then nothing and everything helps.”

Rachel said as well as helping to raise money for kids’ cancer the challenge also keeps her healthy.

“I enjoy the exercise, it motivates me a lot more because I do it for me and the people I’m helping.

“It gives me a push and I strive to reach the goals for them and my sponsors a lot more.”

Rachel’s set herself a goal for this year’s challenge to ride for 10-20km each day during October.

Her overall goal is 310km and she hopes to raise $500.

Rachel said she’s always keen to get in and help someone in need.

“I think you get back what you give to the world and  I think you should be a reflection of what you would like to see in others,” Rachel said.