Sticker system putting business accessibility in focus

Ability Links’ Wendy Beetson was in Cobar recently talking to local businesses about their new ‘Access at a Glance’ sticker project which aims to help local businesses’ accessibility. Wendy showed The Cobar Weekly’s Tahnee Tomek the free stickers that are available to businesses to display on their doors and windows.

Ability Links is calling on local businesses to join in their ‘Access at a Glance’ project which aims to promote the accessibility of businesses.

Linker Wendy Beetson has started visiting local businesses to talk about the new campaign which helps to promote increased accessibility to businesses and also to raise awareness of the needs of customers who have a disability.

“Our aim is to help businesses to be more inclusive,” Wendy said.

“Being an inclusive business benefits everyone, not just people with a disability.

“This includes people with prams/strollers, temporary injuries and older people.”

Wendy said making your business inclusive means everyone has the opportunity to enjoy your business. It doesn’t just make ethical sense, it also makes great business sense.

Ability Links is offering local businesses a range of free window stickers including accessible entrance, accessible parking, accessible toilet, stroller friendly, guide dog friendly, large print available, closed captions and others, that businesses can display on their shop windows or doors.

Wendy said when speaking with local shopkeepers, managers and business owners she’s been looking for the positives.

“We want to help businesses promote their accessibility which can help to increase their customer base.

“Together we can identify the accessible features of their businesses,” she said.

Ability Links can offer a number of simple, cost free or low cost solutions that businesses can implement to help make their stores more accessible to their customers.

Wendy understands that not all businesses are going to be wheelchair or pram friendly, and she doesn’t expect them to do major renovations, however she said investing in a portable rubber ramp for under $100 could help to make a business more accessible and bring in more customers.

“It might also be just something as simple as if you have a heavy front door, or it could be hard to open, that you could put a sign on the door for your customers to signal staff for help.

“This might make people more welcome.”

Wendy said it’s hoped the ‘Access at a Glance’ project will also spark more discussion and awareness in the community about the need for accessible spaces which could lead to accessibility being the norm everywhere.