Services Club elects a new board at extraordinary meeting

The Cobar Services Club elected another new board at the club’s extraordinary meeting last Wednesday. Bryan Sylvester (at centre front) is the new president with other new board members to include Chris Starr, Amy Barraclough, Jarrod Barraclough, Chris Boucher, Joanne Miller, Danny Mulvay and Rod Lovegrove.

The Cobar Services Club has elected a new board, headed up by returned serviceman Bryan Sylvester, at the club’s extraordinary meeting last Wednesday.

The extraordinary meeting had been called due to the resignation of the nine new board members who were elected at the club’s annual general meeting on October 15.

The new board didn’t last a month in their positions with one board member resigning on November 7, followed by the remaining eight board members who gave their notice on November 13.

The extraordinary meeting, which was run by independent chair Jarrod Marsden, was well attended with 73 members on hand to find out what the club’s future would be.

A number of members of the outgoing board were present and had hoped to address the meeting. However Mr Marsden explained to the meeting there was no provision for speakers in the meeting agenda.

As per the club’s constitution, the meeting was called for the sole purpose of electing a new board, which meant that was the only item on the agenda.

Prior to the election of the new board, the club’s secretary/manager Linda Carter gave a detailed report on the club’s finances dating back to when the club went into voluntary administration in 2010.

Mrs Carter went on to give details about the club’s current debts; its weekly/monthly running expenses; she outlined what costs had been cut at the club to help save money; and listed the improvements that have been made to the club since coming out of administration.

“There is still a long way to go for the long term survival of the club but unless we all work together this will not happen,” Mrs Carter told members.

“We will never all agree all of the time but we have to do what’s best for the club.”

She said she has always tried to do her best for the club despite many obstacles being put in front of her.

Mrs Carter said it was time to get on with supporting the club or the club will not survive.

Prior to the meeting seven nominations were received for the board and all were duly elected including: Bryan Sylvester (president), Joanne Miller and Danny Mulvay (vice presidents) and board members Chris Starr, Jarrod Barraclough, Chris Boucher and Amy Barraclough.

Nominations were called from the floor for the two remaining positions with Rod Lovegrove the only member willing to stand.

He was also duly elected, meaning the board still has one vacancy.

Mr Sylvester said it had been an important meeting and he was keen to ensure the club would survive.

He introduced himself as having lived in Cobar for the past three years and was currently working at Peak Gold Mines.

As an ex-serviceman who served six and a half years in the army which included overseas service in Timor, the Solomon Islands and Afghanistan, Mr Sylvester said he had a keen interest to see RSL clubs such as the Cobar Services Club continue.

“With help from the board and all the members, let’s hope we can move forward,” Mr Sylvester said.