Yabbies win Setts Cup for a third time

The Setts Cup proudly remains with the Cobar Yabbies Senior Men’s Swimming Club after they successfully defended it at the annual carnival in Nyngan on Sunday.

Named in honour of former Yabbies president Ian Settree, who was also a member of the Nyngan Splashers swimming club, the third annual Setts Cup carnival was this year hosted by Nyngan.

The Cobar club has dominated in the pool for the past two years and has won the cup each year since its inception in 2015.

In the water on Sunday the Cobar members finished 1,2,3 in the 50 metres handicapped freestyle event with Paul Swainston winning after swimming to within 0.28 seconds of his nominated time.

Andrew Watt was second on 0.34 and Shane Josephson finished third on 0.41.

Nyngan won the 30m event with Cobar’s Josephson second on 0.40; and Watt was third on 0.56.

Nyngan was also out in front in the 100m with Yabby Doug Rorke second on 0.72 and Jason Toomey was third after finishing within 0.91 of his time.

Nyngan won the 10 man relay after the team finished within a combined 7.35 seconds of their nominated time while Cobar’s 10 man team was 13.09 seconds outside their time.

This year the final glory wasn’t however decided in the pool as both teams finished the day on even points.

The winner was found later that day when the Cobar Yabbies sculling team won the ‘drink off” to lay claim to the Setts Cup.