Scorching hot competition in the pool

The competition is scorching hot at the Cobar Yabbies Senior Men’s Swimming Club weekly event with four swimmers (not the usual three) finishing on the podium last Tuesday night.

And that unusual feat was recorded in two events!

The hot competition began from the outset of the night when, in the 30 metres handicapped freestyle event, three swimmers tied for equal second place.

Tyler Roberts finished as the outright winner after swimming closest to his nominated time. He was just 0.12 seconds off his time to claim first place.

A three-way tie was then declared for second spot after Greg Dimond, Murray Harland and Jason Toomey all finished within 0.16 seconds of their nominated times.

And once again it was four swimmers who crowded the podium after the results came in from their 100m swim.

Matt Harland finished out in front with 0.12 seconds off his time with Scott Toomey second on 0.16 (which are coincidentally the same winning times from the 30m event).

It was a two-way tie for third place with Jason Toomey sharing the honours with Paul Swainston after they both recorded 0.22 seconds off their nominated times.

The 50m swim was also a well contested race with the best times of the night recorded in this event.

Chris Powell was the winner touching the wall within 0.04 seconds of his nominated time.

He was narrowly ahead of Bob Clark, with 0.06 for second place and Matt Harland claimed third spot with 0.09 seconds, which was the next best time.

The Brace Relay novelty event required swimmers to swim across the pool in a combination of side stroke and backstroke.

Closest to their nominated time was the pairing of Scott Toomey and Paul Swainston who finished within 0.81 seconds of their combined times.

Tyler Roberts and Bill Fugar, on 1.09,  filled second spot and Jason Toomey and Dave Mexted were only narrowly behind on 1.12 to take out third place.