Roosters Reggies score first win

File Photo Roosters Reserve grade from Round 1

Round 3 of the Castlereagh Reserve Grade Rugby League competition was in full swing on Saturday with the Cobar Roosters Misfits, who were sitting on the bottom of the ladder, receiving a promotion after they beat the Dunedoo Swans 34-22.

The Cobar team started the game with only 12 players as they awaited a few stragglers to roll in from their junior league commitments.

As usual the game was a little slow at the start but once the old fellas got the blood pumping, so too did the game.

With not a lot of excitement happening in the first 10 minutes, Jimmy ‘The Hitman’ Neyland in typical style decided to liven up the game up which earned him 10 minutes in the sin bin.

It then became a game of 13 versus 11 and times were looking tough for the team of past, present and emerging Roosters.

Roosters former First Grader, Tristan Everett once again stepped up to turn a few heads, and with a bit of good foot work and brute strength, he went through to score and put the first points on the board.

This is what the team was looking for.

Everett, Neyland and Robert Childs started working in with each other in the middle and the points started coming for Cobar with two more tries scored by Childs and Everett.

Dunedoo dug deep and fought back to cross for their first try and bring the score to 12-4.

Orange resident, Shane Suridge, travelled over to help the Roosters out and that he did when he waddled up the left edge skipping and stepping past his more rounded defence.

Before a beautiful tackle from the Swans fullback on Suridge, the ball made it into the safe hands of Daniel Pagett (who happened to be in the right paddock for once).

He scored to set up a kick form the side line, which of course was converted by captain/coach Chris Deighton.

Half time was over in a flash and now with a full side and one man on the bench, the Roosters decided it was time to put on the father and son combination of Tim ‘Pinhead’ Eves and Jamal Eves.

After seeing ‘Pinhead’ take the ball up, it’s clear that Jamal got his ability from his mother as the younger of the two Eves was really making his mark in the middle of the field with heavy contact both in attack and defence.

Shortly after Jamal went over the line to score and show dad how it’s done.

A scoring barrage then came from the Swans but it was too late as time was running out.

Neyland crossed again right under the black dot but Suridge missed the kick from straight in front to take the final score to 34-22 in favour of the Cobar Reggies. Look out finals here they come!—contributed