Pool contract won’t be tendered out

Cobar Shire Councillors have opted not to call for tenders for the management of the Cobar Memorial Swimming Pool but rather to extend the existing contract.

Council’s director of finance and community services, Kym Miller proposed the extension to Councillors at last week’s Ordinary Council Meeting.

Mr Miller said there was the likelihood of three major construction projects being undertaken over the next two seasons which have the potential to cause disruptions over the next two years.

The projects include repairing of the wall at the ‘deep end’ of the 50m pool, making the plant room compliant (as reported to Council’s May Ordinary Meeting) and the development of the overall site as per the Master Plan (depending on funding availability).

“Whilst the intention would be to undertake these projects either independently or concurrently between seasons, it is highly likely that they will require some of the time normally considered pool season,” Mr Miller said.

He said a new contractor could be much more difficult to negotiate variations with than the existing contractor.

Councillors voted to extend the existing contract with the L&R Group.