Locals lose locks to help cure cancer

Lisa, Gracie and Montana Dowling shaved off their long locks on Saturday to raise money for the Cancer Council. It started out as Gracie’s idea to raise money and her aunt Lisa said she would do it too. Lisa’s daughter Montana then piped up and said she wanted to shave her hair off and so the three all went under the razor. The shave took place on Saturday morning in front of a crowd of family and friends in the main street. A donation of $1,000 from the CSA Mine and Crazy Hair Day fundraisers at Cobar High and Cobar Public School helped the trio to raise the big total of $5,000. Montana’s hair was long enough to be donated to make wigs for children with cancer. (Lisa’s was long enough however as it was dyed it was not able to be donated.) Gracie’s mum Angela was very proud of her family and in particular her daughter Gracie. “Gracie’s got the biggest heart, she’d do anything for anyone else before she thinks about herself. She’s a pretty cool kid,” Angela said.