Kamikaze Pilots crash and burn

BNB dethroned the Squalleyball reigning premiers, Kamikaze Pilots, in a thrilling 3-2 win last Thursday night at the Cobar Youth & Fitness Centre.

Apart from a short hiccup earlier this season when some of their players were overseas, Kamikaze Pilots has definitely been the dominant team of this competition.

In last week’s grand final however the Pilots more than met their match, with BNB dominating the court for most of the night.

They upset Kamikaze Pilots from the outset with BNB stating their intentions in the first game with a comprehensive 21-16 win.

Kamikaze Pilots bounced back to top form in the second game to finish with an easy
21-14 win but they couldn’t maintain that form in the third match which BNB took 21-17.

Up two games to one going into the fourth set, BNB were sitting in the driver’s seat and they made quick work of the fourth game to finish with a 21-11 victory, which actually gave them the grand final title.

The fifth match was played, and while the outcome would have no bearing on the final result, Kamikaze Pilots did regain some face with a 21-10 win.

Adam Buckman was a stand-out for his BNB team and received great support from team mate Waylon Ward.

Hard hitting Nikki Gilbert was the Pilots’ best player of the match.