Exhilarating new soccer season

The new season of the Mixed Indoor Soccer competition is proving to be exhilarating with another drawn game played last week.

For the second week in a row The Mixers were involved in a tied game, and last week it was with last season’s winners, Peakaroos.

Both teams scored three goals each which included double points female goals from both sides

Nick Buckman, Taranjit Sawhney and Makaila Gordon goaled for The Mixers while  Ben Anderson, James Egan and Karrianne Burns netted Peakaroos’ goals.

Led by their female stars Bianka Jacobson and Shannon Purton, Man Chest Hair United finished as big 8-1 winners over CSA in their match last week.

Both scored goals along with dynamo Josh Brown, veteran Jade Buckman and Shane Eickenloff. An own goal rounded out their tally of eight.

CSA’s lone scorer was Adam Buckman, in his first game playing in the Mixed Indoor Soccer competition.