CSA records a big soccer win

Nathan Chembe, with three goals, helped to steer his CSA team to an 11-3 win over the Hot Shots in the Mixed Indoor Soccer competition last Wednesday night.

The match was one of two high scoring games in the competition with Wii Not Fit winning their match 6-1 against M&C Parisi Floorboards.

Chembe (3), Martin Scott (1) Akwasi Amponsa (2), Cornelius Mangung (2) and Kristin Camery (1 goal—female goals are worth 2 points) and an own goal made up CSA’s total of 11.

Hot Shots’ three points came from two goals scored by Mark Raliecki and an own goal.

Wii Not Fit shared their point scoring around the team with Shane Eickenloff (1), Josh Brown (1), Alexandra Hernando (2 pointer) and Kathleen Hardie (2 pointer) all netting goals for their side.

Rob Childs was the only goal scorer for M&C Parisi Floorboards.