Cricket’s best of 2020/2021 season

Photos from the Cobar District Cricket Association presentations on Saturday night at the Services Club. Pictured at left are James McClure and Tristan Everett who both had five wicket hauls this season. James also won the Paula Potter Memorial Award for Player of the Year. At right is Ryan Urquhart being presented with the Mollie Collins Memorial Award for U18 Player of the Year by John Collins





The Cobar and District Cricket Associationend of season presentations were held on Saturday night at the Services Club.

Rather than having winners from each individual competition, this season’s statistical awards were won by combining results from both the Twenty/20 and 40 Overs competitions which means most runs, wickets and catches were awarded from a combined tally of both competitions.

The Empire Billy Goats were the winners of the Dewar Cup Minor Premiers of the 40 Overs Competition, and alsowon the Bert Oldfield Cup and the Billy Manns Memorial Shield.

Nymagee were runners-up of the 40 Overs competition.

Jed Noonan won both the Ernie Toshack Player of the 40 Overs Grand Final and Player of the Twenty/20 Grand Final awards.

Ruthless Toothless won both the Minor Premiers 20/20 Competition title and the Collins Family Trophy as winners of the Twenty/20 competition with Tilpa runners-up.

Jay Egan was the Player of the Year for the 40 Overs competition.

Jake Harbison was named the Player of the Year for the Twenty/20 competition and also won the Steve Wetzel Memorial Cup for best All Rounder.

Harbison finished the season with the most runs across both competitions and also the most catches.

Phar Nicholson won the Lionel Butler Memorial Trophy Award for U24 Player of the Year; Ryan Urquhart received the Mollie Collins Memorial Shield for the best U18 Player of the Year; Urquhart also took the most wickets across both competitions; and Robert Childs had the best bowling figures across both competitions.

James McClure was awarded the Paula Potter Memorial Trophy as the Player of the Year; Zach Broughton won the Glenn Spinks Shield Award for the Junior Player with Most Potential; and Kathy Harbison was presented with the Tony Chalker Memorial Clubman of the Year shield.

The Harry Marshall Memorial Award for Gentleman/Gentlewoman of Cricket was awarded to Mitch Holt; Trent Robertson won the Daddles Duck Award for most ducks in the season; and The John Potter Jnr Memorial Award for Representative Player of the Year went to Tristan Everett.

Five wicket hauls across both competitions and representative games were recorded by:  Robert Childs with 5/8 in 40 Overs: Peter Lawrence 5/14 in T/20; James McClure 5/16 in 40 Overs; and Tristan Everett 5/13 in 40 Overs and 5/32 in Representative cricket.