Cobar Public School was buzzing last week at bee talk

Lil Garbutt from Garbamir Honey gave a talk about a bees and beekeeping at Cobar Public School last week. She is pictured with budding beekeepers Cooper Turner and Keetah Richardson. ▪ Photo contributed

Cobar Public School was buzzing on Monday when local beekeeper, Lil Garbutt, called in to speak to the students about bees.

Lil and her husband Mick run Garbamir Honey, a small family-owned apiary here in Cobar.

The students had been learning about bees at the school and one of the teachers approached Lil and asked if she might go along and talk to the children.

“I spoke about why bees are important to our environment and what a beekeeper does.

“Bees are a very underestimated creature,” Lil said.

“They are pollinators which play an extremely important role in the production of everything from flowers to fruit trees.

“I think it was important for the children to also know that the honey, beeswax, propolis and Royal Jelly they produce is beneficial to humans.”

Lil said beekeeping was an interest that ran in Mick’s family.

“Mick’s father is a retired beekeeper and Mick has always had an interest in wanting to keep bees himself.” Lil explained.

She bought Mick a hive four years ago as a birthday present and since then their bee yard has gradually increased in size each year.

Their crop of honey has also been increasing each year and Lil came up with a few ideas to make use of the excess honey and beeswax.

“My passion for gourmet food led me to developing a unique honey-based gelato and we also developed a natural body deodorant with the organic wax from the hives.

“These and several other products such as handmade biscotti, beeswax candles, wraps and lip balms are now being shipped to online customers Australia wide.”

Lil took along some of her products to the school talk and the students were able to try the honey and beeswax.

“They also tried on bee suits and received some bee pencils and some of our merchandise.

“I also took along 15 bee boxes which the children will paint.

“We will seal them and use them in the beehive.

“It will make a colourful display in the bee yard,” Lil said.