Club celebrates end of a very successful swimming season

The Cobar Swimming Club held their end of season presentations at the Cobar Memorial Swimming Pool last Wednesday.
The 2020/2021 season has been one of the club’s most successful over past years with larger registration numbers.
The Cobar club also hosted a very successful swimming carnival in December which attracted 140 swimmers from clubs across the western region.
The 2020/2021 season perpetual trophy recipients were: the Norm Higgins Most Im-proved Award went to Sophia Le Lievre; the Brian Howell Achiever Award was earned by Henry Knight; the Colleen Martin Junior Club Person was Taj Goonrey; the Tom Knight Encouragement Award went to Taylah Wyllie; this season’s KML Junior Club Per-son was Indirose Saunders; the Bunyan Family Senior Club Person award was shared by seven senior swimmers and included Alora Deppeler, Sophie-Ann Chandler, Lacey Watt, Piper Neale, Amara Bottom, Malina Bottom and Nicholas Hodges; and the Audrey and Eric Martin President’s Choice went to committee members Rebecca Wyllie and Tanya Hodges in recognition of all their hard work throughout the season.
This season the club had a total of 17 rec-ords broken with one club member, Henry Knight, breaking eight records in the 13 years boys age group, many of which have stood since 2002/2003.
The 2020-21 point score winners were: 17m—Gold Medal Ralph Beshman and Sophia Le Lievre, Silver Medal Cooper Trudgett and Indie Burke, Bronze Medal Ford Ellison and Hallie Deppeler; 33m—Gold Medal Taj Goonrey and Holly Watt, Silver Medal Hugh Le Lievre and Ruby Reid, Bronze Medal Max Ellison and Sophie Hunter; 50m—Gold Med-al Henry Knight, Axel Fairfull and Taylah Wyllie, Silver Medal Indirose Saunders, Bronze Medal Nicholas Hodges, Zaiden Saunders and Hannah Trudgett; 100m—Gold Medal Axel Fairfull and Taylah Wyllie, Silver medal Zaiden Saunders, Harpa Martin and Skyla Fairfull, Bronze Medal Nate Martin; Individual Medley—Gold Medal Zaiden Saunders and Taylah Wyllie, Silver Medal Henry Knight, Axel Fairfull, Piper Knight and Harpa Martin.
This season’s Age Champions were: Boys—6 years Joshua Gillette, runner-up Cooper Trudgett, 7 years Taj Goonery, runner-up Alfie Toomey, 8 years Thomas Knight, runner-up Hugh Le Lievre, 9 years Talas Burke, runner-up George Macdonald, 10 years Jaxon Waugh, runner-up Aiden Hyland, 11 years Clay Macdonald, 12 years Axel Fairfull, runner-up Jay Lamond, 13 years Zaiden Saunders, runner-up Nick Hodges and 14 years Henry Knight.
The Girls Age Champions were: 6 years Sophia Le Lievre, runner-up Indie Burke, 7 years Zahra Waugh, 8 years Hannah Trudgett, runner-up Lilly Fairfull, 9 years Taylah Wyllie, runner-up Harpa Martin, 10 years Charlotte Knight, runner-up Holly Watt, 11 years Lacey Watt, runner-up Rhylee Patter-son, 12 years Megan Guirin, 13 years Piper Neale, runner-up Malina Bottom and 14 years Elleise Woodbridge.
The 17m age group Championship winners were: 4 years Ford Ellision and 5 years Ash-ton Hyland.
Lots of swimmers in this age division have made great improvements over the season with many moving up to the 33m group.