CBD speed limit to drop to 40km

With the Barrier Highway (that runs through Cobar’s main street) being a significant NSW freight route connecting the east and west of Australia, Transport for NSW believes
introducing a new 40km/hr speed limit will heighten driver awareness of pedestrians.

In an effort to make Cobar’s central business district (CBD) safer for pedestrians,  the speed limit for all vehicles will be reduced to 40km/hr as of tomorrow.

The High Pedestrian Activity Area (HPAA) is being introduced by Transport for NSW with the support of NSW Police and Cobar Shire Council.

The process to move to a 40km/hr speed limit was originally initiated by the Local Traffic Committee at the end of 2019 and put to Cobar Shire Council for their support.

The proposal also received the support of Transport for NSW as part of their implementation of a 40km/hr zone strategy for towns across the western region.

A draft proposal to install a 40km HPAA in Cobar’s CBD went on public exhibition in December 2020 and called for public feedback on the matter.

Transport for NSW Regional Director West Alistair Lunn said with the Barrier Highway, a significant NSW freight route connecting the east and west of Australia, running through the Cobar CBD, introducing a 40 km/h speed limit through this area would ensure there’s safe passage for pedestrians.

Mr Lunn said the HPAA will be established along Marshall Street – which turns into the Barrier Highway at both ends of town – between Bourke and Lewis streets, as well as sections of Bourke, Barton and Linsley streets which intersect with Marshall Street.

“There are a mix of residential houses, retail, hospitality, banking and other businesses which naturally attract high numbers of pedestrians,” Mr Lunn said.

“The introduction of a HPAA is a proactive approach to lower speeds that heighten driver awareness of pedestrians accessing retail and social services in the area, and reducing severity, should accidents occur.”

(Research shows that a pedestrian hit by a car travelling at 40km/hr has twice the chance of surviving the collision than if the car was travelling at 50km/hr.)

Signs have been installed to alert motorists of the reduced speed limits and the new HPPA and come into effect from tomorrow.