Broken Scorpions are out in front

The progressive points table of the Cobar Junior Soccer Club competition is: Mids–Liverpool (13), United (13), Wanderers (11), Mariners (9), Rovers (8) and The Roar (6); Seniors–Spurs (18), Wanderers (10), Rangers (7) and United (5); Opens–Broken Scorpions (16), Relics (13), Stripped Bear (9), and Team 3 (9).

In the games played on Saturday for the Minis the match between Spurs and Rangers finished with a nail biting 5-5 draw.

Sienna Jones was on fire this week, scoring three goals for the Spurs, and Jedidiah Wangi netted two. Rangers’ player Jaxon Burke was also on top of his game, scoring four goals, and Clay McDonald also netted a goal.

United once again dominated the field, winning 11-1 over Liverpool.

Lachlan Brown and Nate Martin were star players scoring five goals each, and were well supported by Ebony Burns who also found the back of the net for United. Sam Turner was the sole goal scorer for Liverpool.

The Mariners and Wanderers game unfortunately had no record written on their score sheet. The details of that game might be available for next week’s report.

In the Mids division, The Roar were victorious over Rovers with a 5-1 win. Chad Buckman scored four goals with Christian Marsden also scoring for The Roar. Ryley Morley was the sole goal scorer for the Rovers.

United beat Liverpool 6-4 in a hard battle. Zeke D’Angelo (2), Sonny Maloney (2) and Ryan Urquhart shared the goal scoring for United. Liverpool’s goals were scored by Harrison Gudgeon (1), Raymond Jones (1) and Zviko Mukwindidza (2).

The Mariners and the Wanderers had a very close game, with only one point the difference, with the Wanderers just getting home with a 3-2 win. All three of the Wanderers goals were scored by Tadgh McMullen.

Reef Martin and Oisin McMullen netted one goal each for the Mariners.

The Seniors competition games kicked off with the Wanderers and the Rangers playing for a 9-4 win to the Rangers.

For the Rangers Jordan Menadue (1), Kelvin Mfoi (3), Samuel Piper (1) and Braith Good (4) netted goals to seal their win. James Mitchell was the sole goal scorer for the Wanderers.

The Spurs and United came together for a 6-4 win to the Spurs. Rabiou Hachimou (3), Victor Mfoi (1) and Annie Mugugia (2) scored the Spurs’ goals, while United goals were netted by Michael Mwingira and Aiden Porter, with the pair scoring two goals each.

In the Opens division, the Broken Scorpions and the Relics went head to head in the first game with the Broken Scorpions proving to be too strong with a 5-2 win.

Jay Coburn (1), Tom Edgar (2), Aaron Finn (1) and Brock Ford (1) were the goal scorers for the Broken Scorpions, while Jade Buckman and Jye Robinson found the back of the net for The Relics.

Stripped Bear and Team 3 battled it out for a 6-4 win to Stripped Bear.

Chris Higgins (2), Wade Potter (1), Jonathon Williams (2) and Tom Edgar (1) were the point scorers for Stripped Bear, and for Team 3 James Anderson (1) and Scott Brown (3) were the goal scorers.—contributed