Big turn out for new touch comp

The Junior Touch competition got underway on Thursday afternoon at Ward Oval.
Pictured above is the Orange junior team.

There was a great turn-out for the opening round of the Junior Touch competition on Thursday at Ward Oval with more than 100 kids registering to play this season.

Organisers Lisa Travis and Emma Brown said they were impressed with the support of the large group of parents who came to watch their kids, many of whom had played the game when they were younger.

“We were so impressed with the kids’ willingness to learn and listen,” Lisa said.

“It’s a totally new sport for the majority and that all played the game with a smile on their face.

“They assure us they’ll be back next week.”

The kids were given a run-down on the basic rules of the game which was followed up with a skills session before the games got underway.

In the Juniors division Red beat Orange 5-2 with Rowdy Barton, Skyla Fairfull and George McDonald the stand-out players.

The Yellow Electric Eels beat the Bluies 6-2 with Kai McCosker, Sosie Barton and Riley Bruce having great games.

In the Senior competition, Green Machine were too good for Blue Heelers winning 7-1 with Sarah Morley, Ryan Urquhart and Sophie Clark the best on the field.

The Mighty Red Roosters and Stingers had a 3-all draw with Jayden Greenwood, Nathan Bartlett and Ava Fullagar all stand-outs.




“There was great sportsmanship and some great diving tries scored,” Lisa reported.