Year 12 bows out in glamourous style

Cobar High School’s Year 12 class of 2019 marked the end of their school lives with their formal last Thursday. Pictured are Laura McLeod, Kacey Davis-Banks, Montana Tatchell, Kaitlyn Miller, Sandie Mitchell, Kelly Archer, Andrew Roberts,
Raymond Dennis, Darragh McMullen, Bella Coughlan, Pheonix Webster, Holly Clarke, Dylan Morley, Angela Shepherd, Laine Ellicott, Matthew Shepherd, Liam Richardson, Jack Obray, Chloe Polack, Bethany Smith, Abby Carswell, Lauren
Urquhart, Matthew Botten, Zoe Rendall, Emma Neve, Ashely Davies, Zoe Carter, Konnah Sime, Shara Haagsma, Tanika-Star Brookman and Monique Hilton. ▪ Photo contributed