New teachers at all our schools

Cobar High School principal Safija Bristina welcomed a number of new and returning staff to the school this week. Allen Scott-Rogers is the school’s new Music teacher and also has expertise in teaching French; Katie Mudford returns this year as a permanent English teacher; Nicholas Short, a targeted Graduate, is a permanent educator in the English faculty; Jaymee Manns returns as a School Learning Officer; Jessica Turner returns as a permanent teacher in the Technology and Applied Studies faculty; Sue Donaldson has returned from leave to resume a permanent position; Steph Baker returns to teaching in a casual position; Natalie Hart joins the School Learning Support Officers to support numeracy and literacy programs; and Lena Dean has also returned from leave to resume her permanent position. Photo contributed
St John’s School principal Ross Davidson has welcomed Jada Parisi, Danielle Seymour and Gabrielle Newton to the school’s staff of 22 this year. In her first year of teaching, Ms Parisi will have a Year 3/4 class; Mrs Seymour (who arrived at the end of last year) returns to teach Kindergarten; and Ms Newton, who comes from The Rock in southern NSW, will teach a 1/2 class.
Cobar Public School have welcomed some new and old faces to the school staff this year. Cameron van Breugel comes from Ourimbah Public School and will be team teaching a 3/4 class; Rebecca Hunter previously worked at Hay War Memorial High School and this year will be teaching an MC (multi-categorical) class at CPS; casual teacher Rachel Gentles from Wollongong will be the new K-2 Interventionist; Joelle Deppeler and Vicki Sharwood have returned this year to team teach the 4/5/6 class; Kim Lang is a casual teacher and Elsa Mitchell has returned from maternity leave to help out as a TRS (Teacher Relief Scheme) teacher. Photo contributed