Volunteers make a difference for drought-stricken farmers

Volunteers organised by Connecting Communities Australia spent the week in the Nymagee, Hermidale and Mount Hope areas to lend a hand to families struggling with the effects of the ongoing drought. ▪ Photo contributed

A group of 24 volunteers from Sydney made up of pilots, engineers, flight attendants, sign writers and business people just wanting to make a difference, helped out the Nymagee and Mount Hope district last week.

Last week’s visit was organised by Connecting Communities Australia (CCA) to help a rural community really struggling with the ongoing drought.

CCA CEO Glen Price said the volunteers worked on nine properties from the north of Nymagee stretching down to Mount Hope in the south.

“During the week over 10km of fencing was erected, buildings repaired, water tanks moved, fire wood cut, paddocks prepared for seeding, and cattle and sheep were mustered.

“The group also spent a day at Hermidale Public School where a vegetable garden, complete with canopy shade cloth, was installed, and a number of items were donated to the school including 20 iPads and Canterbury Bulldogs football jerseys,” Mr Price said.

He said the highlight of the week was “undoubtedly” the barbecue/party in Nymagee last Thursday evening.

“Over 110 people attended the event
with some people travelling over 120km to be there,” Mr Price said.

Attendees received gifts including food hampers, iPads, food and fuel gift cards, pet food and football jerseys.

“There was a real sense of community and a lifting of spirits during the evening and across the whole week,” Mr Price said.

Connecting Communities Australia has great support with the event from NALAG (National Association for Loss and Grief), the
Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Rotary West Dubbo and the Rural Resilience Team in