Cobar Back Roads

The ABC Television’s Back Roads edition based on Cobar aired last Thursday night and received plenty of positive comments. Filmed in August 2020, the show’s host Heather Ewart outlined our town’s mining and indigenous history and showcased Cobar in a very favourable light. In interviews she conducted with a number […]


Popular festival gets a second start

Following the huge success of Cobar’s Running on Empty Festival (ROEF) in 2018, all who attended (plus others who missed it) have been asking: When are we going to do it again? Festival coordinator John de Bruin announced on Friday that another ROEF festival would take place in 2022, from […]

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Running On Empty Festival brings in a big crowd

It’s hard to judge, but it’s estimated there were about 1,000 visitors here for the Festivals weekend, however it’s not hard to work out that everyone had a great time. Running On Empty Festival organisers John de Bruin and Ben Hewlett, together with their small committee, have received heaps of […]

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Local News

Is Cobar ready for an influx of visitors?

One local business has been gearing up since June to ensure they are ready for the big influx of visitors expected for the Running on Empty festival later this month. Business owner Trudy Griffiths said she and the her Gumnuts Gifts & Homewares staff began planning back in May for […]