Stingemore elected as pistol president

The annual general meeting of the Cobar Amateur Pistol Club was held on Sunday morning with a good attendance of members.

John Stingemore was elected as president of the club with Lloyd Mitchell as vice president.

The secretary’s role will be filled by Tony Punzet and the treasurer’s by Chris Favelle.

The club captain is Robert Neate with Chris Driver elected as club vice captain.

Anita Neate, Joe Neate, Mick Garbutt and Jake Mitchell were elected to the general committee.

Lloyd Mitchell also took on the roles of publicity officer and handicapper.

Following the meeting four members took part in a very close and challenging Centrefire/Sports Pistol event.

The experience of a senior member, Ben Hewlett, shone through with Hewlett using ‘a big boy’s toy’ while under the control of range officer John Stingemore.

Hewlett won the Wizard Award by 29 points from Lloyd Mitchell in second place, with Stingemore only 31 points back in third place.

The Off Pistol Trophy was also collected by Hewlett who finished 19 points ahead of Stingemore, with Mitchell nearly 100 points further behind.

The scores from the day were: Hewlett                       shot 456, and with his handicap of 121, finished with a total of 577; Lloyd Mitchell                   355-193-548; Stingemore 437-80-517; and Jake Mitchell 352-141-493.—contributed