Six handicaps broken at Sunday shoot

The cooler weather on Sunday morning has helped Cobar Amateur Pistol Club shooters to perform at their best with six handicaps broken last week.

Under the guidance of range officer Todd Manns, 12 shooters competed on Sunday morning at the range.

Geoff Clayton, Katrina Francisco, Agnieszka Wiklendt, Helen Spencer, Jessie Andrew and Steven Neate are all sporting a new handicaps.

Clayton shot 305 off pistol in Sunday’s competition and, with his individual handicap of 350, he finished with a total of 655 (and a new handicap).

Francisco earned her new handicap after she shot 256 off pistol.

Added to her old handicap of 350, she finished with a big total of 606.

Wiklendt recorded a score of 287 off pistol, and with her individual handicap of 322, finished with a total of 609 (and a new handicap).

Spencer shot 368, and coupled with her 335 handicap, finished with a big score of 723.

Andrew recorded 288 off pistol, and added with her handicap of 323, she finished with a total score of 611.

Steven Neate had 365
off pistol and with his individual handicap of 350, he finished with a total of 715 (and a
new handicap).

Other results from Sunday’s competition were: Michael Garbutt OP483, IH105, T588; Kane Garbutt OP123, IH350, T473; Robert Neate OP482, IH48, T530; Lidiya Kalamir OP245, IH235, T480; Jason Holmgreen OP363 IH184, T547; and John Stingemore OP334, IH153, T487.

The club welcomes new members to their Sunday morning shoots.—contributed