Senior rugby league club makes a start for next season

Luke Chamberlain (vice president), Chris Deighton (president) and Ben Trudgett (registrar and media officer) were elected as the new executive committee of the Cobar Senior Rugby League Football Club on Sunday. The club was unable to elect a secretary and treasurer and the positions are currently vacant.

Chris Deighton was elected as the new president of the Cobar Senior Rugby League football club at their annual general meeting on Sunday.

Deighton took on the top job after outgoing president Glenn Davis stepped down due to out of town work commitments.

Luke Chamberlain was elected to the vice president’s role and Ben Trudgett was returned as the club’s registrar and media officer.

The club however failed to elect a secretary and treasurer at the meeting and so the committee is planning to canvas players this week to see if there is anyone willing to take on the roles.

In his outgoing president’s report to the meeting, Davis praised the hard work of the committee over the past season.

“The committee had to make a hard decision to leave Group 11 and go into the Barwon Darling competition this year,” Davis told the meeting.

He said while it wasn’t ideal for the club, the committee and players however made the most of the new situation they found themselves in.

He said both the men’s and women’s teams had acquitted themselves very well in the Barwon Darling competition and, in particular the women’s side, who won the Barwon Darling inaugural League Tag title.

Davis also praised the club’s sponsors, saying without them they would not have a club.

At Sunday’s AGM, Ray Pike and Henry Wilson were officially named as Life Members of the club.

In addition to trying to recruit a new secretary and treasurer, the new committee will now also need to decide on what direction the club will take in the 2017 season.

First Grade coach Ben Simon told the meeting his preferred option would be for the club to join the Castlereagh League competition next year.

He said the competition was more structured than the Barwon Darling competition, and with nine teams playing in the Castlereagh League competition last year, if Cobar were to join it would give them the opportunity to host more home games next season which would ultimately put the club in a better financial position.