Saturday turned out to be a perfect day for all sports

Paul Theakston throwing the ball in from the sideline in Saturday’s Seniors soccer
match with sons Isaac and Caleb Theakston tussling for a position to receive the ball

After a foggy start to the morning on Saturday
it quickly turned into a beautiful sunny
day, perfect for playing soccer.
In the Mids division games, Rangers defeated
Liverpool 6-1, with Charlie Nicholson being
the stand-out scorer for Rangers.
Joseph Theakston and Ace Munro took home
the Cobar Hotbake Donut Awards.
In the other game, Rovers won against United
with Tom Preisig and Cooper Raffaele earning
the Gumnut Milkshake Awards.
The games in the Minis division were all
fairly even, with Cooper Suridge, Cooper
Trudgett, Jake McKervey and Callum Bennett
scoring goals for their teams.
First time player Sophia Le Lievre took
home the Cobar Hotbake Donut award for
Rangers this week.
The Seniors played an energetic game with
the match being hotly contested.
The score was even until Jacob Theakston
found the net and scored his third goal for
Spurs, bringing them to a 4-3 victory over
Rebecca Hibbert and Aiden Barraclough
were awarded the Cobar Hotbake Donut