Same faces on Yabbies’ podium

While there was a big field of 16 Yabbies for the Cobar Senior Men’s Swimming Club competition swim last Tuesday, the same faces kept popping up on the winner’s podium all night.

Cameron van Bruegel won the 50 metres handicapped freestyle swim with a time of 0.06 seconds off his nominated time and finished second in the 100m swim with 0.47 seconds off his time.

Van Bruegel also finished second in the Brace Relay novelty event, the Ester Williams Swim (one stroke freestyle and the next backstroke), when he and swimming partner Ben Plush finished within 1.44 seconds of their nominated time.

Plush was another frequent visitor to the podium with a second place in the 50m (on 0.07 seconds) and two thirds in the 30m (0.13) and the 100m (0.72) events.

Chris Powell, another podium regular, finished first in the 100m swim with a time of 0.16 seconds off his nominated time and was second in the 30m event with 0.09.

Those making one-off appearances among the placegetters for the night were: Jamie Roberts who won the 30m with 0.07 seconds off his time; Paul Swainston (with 0.16) was third in the 50m; Eliseo Apaza and Scott Toomey teamed up to win the Brace Relay with 1.22 seconds off their time; and John Carswell and Shane Josephson (2.47) finished third in the relay.