RSPCA can help

The local Cobar RSPCA Branch are able to offer more services than many Cobar residents realise.

RSPCA publicity officer Tiara Ingold said they are currently running a desexing program for pensioners’ pets.

“If you are a pensioner and have a pet that needs to be neutered then you just need to write a letter to RSPCA Cobar, and we can give you a discounted desexing rate.”

Ms Ingold said the Cobar members are able to take in unwanted pets and rehome them.

“We rely on foster carers for this as there is no shelter in Cobar to house these animals whilst they are waiting for their forever home.

“If you would like to become a foster carer, please get in contact with us through our Facebook page RSPCA Cobar Volunteer Branch.

Ms Ingold said pet owners should contact the Cobar branch if they need to surrender their pet because they can no longer look after it.

“You can also surrender your animal at the local pound as well as any RSPCA branch in NSW. There is also an RSPCA number you can call in the phone book if you need to surrender your pet.”

Ms Ingold said desexing pets is the only way to guarantee that your pet will not become pregnant or father any offspring.

“Desexing can be done at the local vets. If your pet does become pregnant and you do not know how to care for the new additions, please see the local vet for further information or to surrender any new offspring, or please get in contact with the Cobar RSPCA Branch.

Ms Ingold said as we come into the warmer months, cats will be coming onto heat.

“A cat can become pregnant multiple times in a year and can become pregnant as young as four months old, so it is vital to spay your feline if you do not want any unplanned pregnancies.

“Dogs will tend to go on heat twice a year, generally every six months.

Ms Ingold said please de sex your pets if you do not intend on breeding them.

“There is nothing more heartbreaking than having to put down unwanted pets.” she said.