Good weather plus good scores equals new handicaps

With the aid of good sunny weather and terrific member attendance, some outstanding scores and several new handicaps were achieved at the Cobar Amateur Pistol Club over the past two weekends.

Last week’s Wizard Award for the Standard Pistol event over 25 Metres was won by Nathan Kenny.

He also gained a new handicap to boot shooting centrefire, and won from Daniel Irvine by 48 points with John Stingemore in third place over 50 plus points further back.

The Off Pistol Trophy for the event was won by Stingemore by a margin of only seven points from Mick Garbutt, with Irvine taking the minor place.

Centrefire/Sports Pistol was the second event of the day with an agreed format by members.

Kenny once again won the Wizard Award by only five points from Garbutt, and Nathan Ratcliffe was some nine points further back in third place.

Garbutt won the Off Pistol Trophy by over a 100 points to Stingemore in second place, with Lloyd Mitchell 38 points further back in the minor placing.

The final event for this report was another Centrefire/Sports Pistol competition with newcomer Rob Machul defeating all challengers.

Kenny, 42 points behind was in second place and Jake Mitchell in third place was another 16 points further back.

All three place getters received a new handicap for their consistency.

The Off Pistol Trophy went to Robert Neate with five scores of 85 points or more out of a possible 100, with Stingemore in second place and Jake Mitchell was third.

The full results were: 25 Metre Standard Pistol Event—Kenny shot 282, and with his handicap of 350, finished with a total of 632 (and a new handicap of 287); Irvine 339-245-584; Stingemore 368-153-521; Ratcliffe 207-306-513; Garbutt 361-116-477; Lloyd Mitchell 242-192-434.

25 Metre Centrefire/Sports Pistol Event— Kenny 184-350-534; Garbutt 439-90-529; Ratcliffe 246-274-520; Lloyd Mitchell 298-219-517; Irvine 154-313-467; Stingemore 336-80-416.

25 Metre Centrefire/Sports Pistol Event 2—Machul 354-350-704 (new handicap 222); Kenny 312-350-662 (new handicap 260); Jake Mitchell 444-202-646 (new handicap 141); Chris Johnson 438-132-570; Robert Neate 514-48-562; Michael Brophy 382-159-541; John Stingemore 460-80-540; Lloyd Mitchell 310-219-529; Irvine 185-313-518; and Summer Rose Stingemore 266-134-400.—contributed