Rapid and centrefire events contested

Two events have been completed over the past week by keen members of the Cobar Amateur Pistol club.

The 25 Metre Rapidfire event was returned to the club’s program on Sunday with two members breaking their handicaps with some outstanding marksmanship.

The Wizard Award was won by Jake Mitchell who reduced his handicap by an incredible 256 points, from Jessica Coffey in second place who also broke her handicap, with John Stingemore in third place.

The Off Pistol trophy was also won by Mitchell, from Stingemore by a large margin of 105 points, with Coffey further back in third place.

The other event of the week was held on Wednesday night with five members taking part in a 25 Metre Centrefire/Sports event.

Chris Driver won the Wizard Award by only 13 points from John Stingemore, with Jessica Coffey continuing her good form to take third position.

Stingemore collected the Off Pistol trophy, with Driver in second place some 52 points back with Chris Johnson third.

Anyone interested in checking out the sport of pistol shooting is invited to go along to the range on Sunday morning or Wednesday night.

The scores from the events were:

25 Metre Rapidfire—Mitchell shot 495 and with his handicap of 350 finished with a total of 845 and a new handicap of 294; Coffey 286-350-636 (and new handicap 282); and Stingemore 390-197-587.

25 Metre Centrefire / Sports Pistol—Driver 451-145-596; Stingemore 503-80-583; Coffey 324-182-506; Johnson 417-80-497; and Summer Rose Stingemore 351-134-485.—contributed